02 February 2015

Freaky Friday : Thanksgiving

Hello everyone!

Today is a Cheat Day which is today we have a little Thanksgiving celebration at HR. So we have like makan-makan aka Tea Time

So enjoy the piccies; 


                                             cream puff by Shikin's Aunty. Sooooooo nice! 


 Cupcakes by Herm. (i don't know who ordered this cupcakes). 4 types of flavour - Coffee, Red Velvet, Lemon, Dark Chocolate


Birthday cake of the Month (Happy Birthday Shadiq!) Nice cake ever but cannot eat much. Not good for my diet.


                                                               TAMP clans


                                                            HAVOC as always.

TAMP : Talent Acquisition & Manpower Planning

Love Always,

27 January 2015

Busy year

Salam all,

This year is going to be my Special Year. Preparation sekarang tinggal 30% to go. Banyak benda nak buat and settle kan.

And my career pun quite challenging this year and i'm going to die. Someone kill me please.

Ok, i will share with you guys my experiences in preparing everything for my wedding.

With Love,