22 April 2014

Mint Green Pastel

Salam semua,

Mint Green Pastel. I don't know why i love this colour so much. Me and my family still tak decide our colour for my big day yet. Family meeting pun still tak decide nak buat bila because nak kena buat proposal everything dulu. Nak pilih colour ni nak kena mintak persetujuan semua including my dad and my brothers. Knowing my dad, dia memang tak suka soft colour terutama pink. So, we have to propose first and tengok whether Big Boss agree with that colour or not. My 2 brothers, they are okay with any colours as long as they look handsome on that day.

So what say you?

This colour is for family members on that day. Not for me. Below is an example of that colour.

nice right? sangat soft kalau orang yang garang macam my dad pakai this kind of colour then muka dia akan nampak sangat lembut and hilang terus misai yang buat dia nampak garang. My brothers pun might be nampak bertambah handsome

Can't wait to see all my favorite people wearing the same colour like this colour. Hope my dad and the other family members agree with this colour.

But my big concern is where to buy that plain mint green pastel colour? Any idea? Jakel or Nagoya?

Till then, love you guys and take care of yourself okay.

With Love,

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