07 April 2014

Dedicate this one to my lovely haters

Dear orang yang dropped by to my blog and stalked my twitter,

there's nothing else i want to say to you except for this;


Cuz u can say whatever you want about my family, u can say it out loud but i don't want to be like terhegeh-hegeh want to see/ to hear what you want to say/ said.

And i can say/ tweet whatever i want or whatever i heard from other aunties/ uncles. THAT'S the FACT right? so why bothered?

kalau bukan anak haram, pergi jaga anak betul-betul! dah 2 orang anak kan? shuuuuhhhh sana! kerja elok-elok sikit bagi anak-anak pandai makan Chilis, Bens, Madam Kwans (Nasi Bojari sedap woiii), Tony Roma's, pandai minum Starbucks sekali okay!

sibuk kat blog orang. takde blog sendiri erk? kosser!

p/s : stop bothering me lah. not even worth pun. cuz i dont want to see your skinny ass here.

With Love,

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