14 May 2013

happy 4th Anniversary

this is for my love Khairul Akmal Bin Khuzir,

actually weols punya anniversary dah lepas 5 April 2013 hari tuh but since my blog terbengkalai tak on since December last year then neh yang semua benda nak post.

ok, takde ape pun nak cakap just to my soulmate, my partner in crime, my so called best friend and boy friend forever, my lovely enemy when u did something wrong, what else ha? nevermind, this is for you...
sayang, i love u so much. thanks because awak selalu ada dengan saya no matter what. happy time or sad time or even in crazy time, i will always love you and will always keep in love with you until the end of our life.

and InsyaAllah we will go to the another stage next year. Please pray for us. Amin

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