25 June 2010

World Cup 2010 (ESPANA)

yeah World Cup just begin. tahun neh World Cup dekat South Africa. huhu. herm, so all the football maniacs akan kekurangan tidur. contoh terdekat is my family lar. Mamat tidur pukul 4 pagi. because of tengok England vs Greece yang result nyer ialah DRAW 1-1. keeper England macam tak ready jew. tangkapan bola yang kurang kemas. hehehe. Ok. talking about World Cup. of course everyone wants to know. which team that i support right? ok. team yang i support is :

yea. tengok no 15 itu? haaa. my favourite player ever.SERGIO RAMOS. hahaha. so hopefully they will win this WC.

ok. want to know the squad list? just click to this URL ;


SPAIN di list kan bersama2 team from CHILE, HONDURAS, & SWISS. huhu in Group H.

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