25 June 2010

Update ! update!

yeah dah lama gile tak update blog ini. sory. Banyak benda yg jadi kat ofis. herm. first of all. i dah jadi warga tetap RHB. yeaaaaaaa. lama gile juga i tunggu this moments. tak nak macam-macam pulak yang terjadi. adess. Kak Azrai dah pon quit from RHB. now she's working at Bank Islam. dengar cite agak masyukk. double pay from what RHB had pay to her. haa. RM5+++. fushoo. and she is still single and available ok. and the latest news is En Azlan dah pon ikut jejak langkahnyer. (wahhh..ade pape ke? ;) herm.. bende lain-lain. after this i'll upload all the pictures for your review. huhu.

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